Innovative Products to Protect Privacy, Integrity and Availability of Data.

Our products and services improve the way organizations obtain data to inform vital decisions. We equip many of the world’s most respected institutions with tools necessary to solve complex network monitoring challenges to protect people and defend critical systems.

Network Defense

Packet Forensics is a pioneer and world leader in active network defense solutions. Since 2005 we’ve been developing active defense strategies and marketing our active net defense tools. Over a decade later, our products continue to offer techniques and capabilities simply unavailable in other solutions.

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Network Defense

Cyber Intelligence

Our Cyber Intelligence solutions help customers process, summarize, store, enrich and disseminate information to their constituents at network speed. Leveraged by businesses and governments around the world, we enable real-time business intelligence and risk assessment, and help investigators and analysts discover threats to national security.


Trusted Third Party

Packet Forensics has manufactured CALEA compliant hardware and software since 2005 and more recently our Trusted Third Party solutions help customers around the world lower their costs and operational burden for compliance through our managed services.

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Network Defense

Our Products Fill Gaps in Decision-Making,
Defense and Investigation.